A Lower Cost of Living in York County, PA

Why is York County one of the fastest growing counties in Pennsylvania? Perhaps it is because families plant roots here, which grow generation by generation. Perhaps it is the county's central location, high quality yet low cost of living, or its low crime rates. Or, maybe it is a little bit of everything-all these important factors blending together to truly create a land of opportunity for you and your family. Whatever the reason, we are glad that you have taken an interest in learning about York County, and hope you find the contents of Relocationlink to be helpful in planning your relocation to our wonderful community. Welcome to York County! Be sure to order your free magazine today.

Vibrant People move into York County for a variety of reasons. Financially, a move to York County, Pennsylvania is a smart move. Relocating to York County can free up time and money for growing families and young professionals. In York – the value of your dollar is greater. Housing will cost you less – whether you are buying a home, building new or renting – you will get more for your money in the York market. You can get a bigger house in a better area on nicer land for sometimes $100,000 less than nearby markets! Even your groceries and your daycare will cost less. 

A decade of steady growth sheltered York from the housing boom a few years ago. Now, while the rest of the country continues to stabilize, York continues to grow. You can find just about any kind of home in York County. From brand new townhouses within York City limits to old farmhouses on rolling acres of land, York County truly has it all! There is a mix of rural with small towns to city living within York City itself. 

A York County, PA has a perfect location as well – a close proximity to several major metropolitan areas such as Baltimore, Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Washington, DC. Workers in these areas are looking to York for an improvement to their quality of life while eliminating and alleviating the many inflated expenses that come with city living. Even as gas prices increase, the cost of living index is so much lower in York County, commuters find themselves saving money. In addition, York County has a several mass transit options to make the lives of commuters easier and more affordable.

According to the York County Economic Development Corporation, 75% of York residents both live and work in the county. However, York is centrally located between the State Capitol in Harrisburg and many Maryland-based businesses as well. If you do not find exactly what you are looking for within York’s borders, it can definitely be found within a very short drive away!

Take a look at the two charts below: expense categories in York PA compared to other cities and a cost of living comparison in York PA compared to other cities.




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