Relocation & Moving Tips, York PA

There is no way around it: relocating is a tough process. Sometimes it can be downright scary - but it is exciting! To help you stay organized during your adventure, we've prepared a handy guide, full of tips and reminders that will keep you prepared and on track.
Some general tips:

1. Obtain an area telephone directory and Yellow Pages™ before you need it.
This vital relocation tool will help you find local retailers, grocery stores, government agencies, and service providers you'll need during the planning process.

2. Register your vehicles shortly after you move.
Vehicle registration, inspection, and a driver's license are required of new residents. Call the local motor vehicle office to find out how long you have to do this before you incur penalties.

3. Allow yourself time to get settled in before you start work.

While you're still in the negotiation phases, build a few extra days into your schedule so you can unpack, get situated, and meet the neighbors. Try to tackle one new adventure at a time.

4. Make the moving process fun for your children.
Be sure to talk to them about the move and include them when you go house hunting. They'll be stressed about losing old friends and finding new ones. Going out of your way to involve them in the moving process will help get them excited about relocating.

5. Contact your future school district for information.
Find out about the schools your children will be attending before they start and arrange a meeting with teachers and the children.

6. Ask friendly locals for help or advice.
People will be more than happy to help you with anything you need. So don't be afraid to ask.

Counting Down as you prepare to Relocate…
Two Months Out

· Bulk up on your research: Use RelocationLink's Free Online Information Service to get started
· Order yellow pages
· Find a realtor and a lending agent
· Assess your moving expenses (movers, travel, short-term housing, storage, etc.)
· Begin sorting items you're not going to move and make a list of things you will need
· Get appraisals of any valuables you'll be moving
· Plan a garage sale
· Find out about changing your home and auto insurance
· Get info on school schedules and enrollment requirements
· Choose your new home

One Month to Go
· Begin packing items you don't use often
· Choose a financial institution and set up new accounts
· Pick a mover and establish a schedule
· Begin collecting sturdy boxes of different sizes from area retailers
· Coordinate schedules with your realtor, landlord, etc.
· Begin to use up supplies of canned goods, frozen foods, and other household items

Two weeks and counting
· Begin packing clothes, books, and files
· Transfer children's school records to your new school district
· Collect personal/family records: medical, dental, legal, religious, veterinary
· Send out change of address forms to post office, family, friends, magazines, credit cards
· Notify current utilities of disconnect dates: gas, electric, water, phone, cable, internet
· Contact new utilities and set up accounts
· Cancel deliveries and services: newspaper, trash, etc.
· Set up babysitting for any young children for moving day

One week left
· Pack all remaining items for the movers
· Get travelers checks for trip expenses
· Get your car tuned-up if your going to be driving a long distance
· Transfer your homeowners, fire, or other insurance on household goods so personal possessions will be covered at your new home and en route
· Collect any items that are being cleaned, stored, or repaired, as well as anything you have loaned out
· Return library books and anything you've borrowed from friends

Two Days Ahead
· Pack clothes and any other belongings that aren't going in the moving van
· Empty and defrost your freezer

At the Last Minute
· Before you leave, take one last walk through the whole house to make sure the movers didn't miss anything

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